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Dec 5, 2013 5:00am PST
for pattern of behavior. the tracking program may be the reason why president barack obama is not allowed to have an iphone. nobody is giving details but the white house security detail may be worried that phone could easily reveal where the president gives it away and the president said he does have a blackberry. >> let's check in. >> i have think we are off to a good start this thursday, of a there we have a look at the san mateo no major issues and beef and it is not causing a huge traffic jam but it is still there, 5:48 let's go to steve. >>> sal, it is coal out there, breaking news. -- cold out there, breaking news. a lot of teens he especially -- especially up in the 20s, it is almost for dayton, except for 1972, i remember that, it is so cold, sunny chilly, only the low-to-mid 50s dollars and i have seen that forestville, san ramon and it is really cold and i think pacifica is really cold. oakland san jose and livermore, these are the forecasted lows. oakland looks like that will are some lows to mid-20s, one reading showed 19 and officially they have not gotten below 24 and they a
Dec 4, 2013 5:00am PST
adults. >>> no comment from the white house after a massachusetts judge ruled on the immigration status of president obama's uncle. the uncle made no comment either. he was facing possible deportation to kenya. but the court ruled he will be allowed to stay in the u.s. even though he lived for almost 50 years illegally here in the u.s.. his record shows he arrived in this country on a student visa in 1963 and never left. despite being ordered back home to kenya in 1991. he came to public attention when he was arrested for drunk driving in 2011. >> i think this arrest in the long run is good for him. he got to stay with a green card and become a citizen and retire in america. >> legal experts say the judge appeared to rule on this case strictly by the book. u.s. immigration policy allows immigrants to become permanent residents if they came to this country before 1972 and they are of good moral character. >>> new this morning vice president joe biden is now in china. its the second stop of his week long trip to asia. you are looking at video of the vice president there arriving in beijin
Dec 2, 2013 5:00am PST
in enrollment is expected near the december 23rd deadline to get coverage for the new year. >> president obama will mark the 25th anniversary of world aids day with a seat at the white house this morning. the president released a problem claymation in honor of world aid day which was yesterday. the president said because of advances in treatment, and aids free generation is within our reach. president is scheduled to speak at 10:20 this morning. >>> dozens of people came together yesterday at the aids memorial grove in san francisco to remember loved ones lost. the event marked the 25th anniversary of world aids day. phil wilson the founder of the black aids institute was honored at the ceremony. in his speech he spoke about the importance of awareness and the promise he made to his partner who died in 1989. >> the last thing i said to him before he took his last breath was i will be in this fight until its over. but it is not over. it is not over. >> the cdc reports african americans make up about 14% of the u.s. population but they represent 44% of new hiv cases. >>> time is 5:40. same sex c
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3